English Bulldog Care – Cleansing Skin Folds

Cleansing Skin Folds Is A Daily Part Of English Bulldog Care

English bulldog care is not only a matter of ensuring you take him to the vet for his annual checkup or anytime he becomes sick, a large part of keeping him healthy is regular grooming.  A well groomed bully is one who receives weekly brushings, tooth brushing, ear cleanings, monthly nail clippings and daily skin cleaning. Continue reading English Bulldog Care – Cleansing Skin Folds

English Bull Dog Health Issues

English bull dog health is a matter that needs to be taken very seriously.  Bulldogs are susceptible to many illnesses and naturally struggle with different issues including breathing problems because of their flat nose; heatstroke from hot temperatures; dry eyes; dry nose and skin infections that occur in the wrinkled areas of their body.  Thus, knowing how to properly groom your bully and doing your best to keep him cool is important to their wellbeing. Continue reading English Bull Dog Health Issues

Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Border Collie

To treatment for a border collie, keep the canine stimulated, as these are functioning canines that like to heard children, other pets and anybody else in their atmosphere. Sustain a border collie’s coat, and get screenings for any genetic ailments with information from a licensed canine behaviorist in this free of charge video on puppy breeds. Pro: Eric Dorfman Bio: Eric Dorfman obtained his certifications at the renowned San Francisco SPCA Academy for Canine Trainers where he attained his puppy conduct and counseling certification. Filmmaker: Sam Lee

Dog Training Tips : How to Care for a Bulldog

When caring for a bulldog, give them a shower soon after exercising since they have a tendency to overheat. Care for a bulldog with the guidelines in this no cost video on puppy coaching from a expert dog trainer. Specialist: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg Contact: www.miami-dog-coaching.com Bio: Zephyr Clarke-Dolberg is a licensed skilled canine trainer in Miami, Fla. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
Video clip Rating: three / five

dogtrainingbulldog.blogspot.com gives details about grooming, potty teaching and proper care of your bulldog puppies.

Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Miniature Dachshund

Caring for a miniature dachshund calls for diligent obedience teaching, as these dogs are very stimulated by movement, sounds and smells. Supply a great deal of physical exercise and teaching for a miniature dachshund with data from a licensed dog behaviorist in this totally free video on canine breeds. Skilled: Eric Dorfman Bio: Eric Dorfman received his certifications at the renowned San Francisco SPCA Academy for Canine Trainers where he earned his canine behavior and counseling certification. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Doberman Pinscher

To care for a Doberman pinscher, introduce socialization and obedience training early in life, offer plenty of mental and physical stimulation, and maintain its toenails and coat for the dog’s comfort. Provide a variety of chew toys to prevent destructive behavior with information from a certified dog behaviorist in this free video on dog breeds. Expert: Eric Dorfman Bio: Eric Dorfman received his certifications at the renowned San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers where he earned his dog behavior and counseling certification. Filmmaker: Sam Lee
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Proper Care For An English Bulldog

English Bulldogs can be quite a handful when it comes to proper care and attention to meet the dog’s needs. Anyone thinking about buying an English Bulldog puppy should also do their research before making such a decision. English Bulldog puppies almost always turn out to be great dogs, but a buyer needs to know what they are getting into before making their decision. This is especially true for anyone who has never had to watch and care for anything in their life. As any online English Bulldog breeder will tell you, this breed of dog is not that easy to train; however, if you do your research, you will be able to handle all the responsibilities that come along with owning an English Bulldog.

If you are the many people who are searching for English Bulldog puppies for sale online, you should really do some reading before you jump to any conclusions. There are many ways to make sure your English Bulldog puppies are taken care of, but if you don’t look up the facts you won’t know where to begin with your ability to care for a dog. English Bulldogs may appear to be full of energy, but they do tire rather quickly. They have a lot of weight to carry around, so you need to remember this fact if you plan on getting your English Bulldog puppies out and jogging at a young age. If you like taking your dog out when you walk or jog, that is fine, but try not to over do it. You’ll know when your English Bulldog is done and tired because they will just refuse to continue walking or running. You definitely don’t want to be caught out somewhere and have to carry your English Bulldog all the way home, so make sure you plan out how far you are going to run beforehand.

English Bulldogs are rather domesticated at this point in their evolution, so you need to make sure you have a nice environment for your dog to live in. They hate hot temperatures, so if you live in a place with hot weather you will need to make sure you have some air conditioning inside for your dog. When you first get your English Bulldog puppies from one of the online English Bulldog breeders, you need to make sure that you know to keep your dog inside. English Bulldogs are house pets, and their environment is very important to their health and happiness. You can’t leave them outside in the cold or heat, which is why a temperature controlled house is the best environment for them. If you are thinking about getting an English Bulldog, just make sure you know what you are getting into before making your purchase.

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French Bulldog Facts And Care Tips

French bulldogs are known by several common nicknames like a Frenchie, a Frogdog, Bat Ears or a “throw cushion that snores”.  You can also find variations like small French bulldogs, toy French bull dogs and mini French bulldogs.  Funny nicknames aside, French bulldogs can be one of the most laid back and funny little dogs around. 

French Bulldogs have been bred since the 1800’s to be man’s companion and they love the job that they were bred for.  They truly are adaptable little dogs that are just as happy to live in an apartment or house with a yard.  Frenchie dogs love to be pampered pets and enjoy being carried around by their owners.  Unless your Frenchie is overly energetic, their exercise requirements are minimal and they are happy enough with one or two jaunts a day.  They have earned the title of “couch potato”. 

French bulldogs that are carefully bred and socialized can be the most amiable and friendly dogs that you ever own.  But they have sturdy little bodies and glum expressions tend to put strangers off and actually be somewhat afraid to approach them. 

The standards for the French bulldog are the same for the AKC and the CKC with only a few small differences in wording.  This breed is a medium sized, stout dog and is considered by both groups to be a member of the Non-Sporting group of dogs.  They are often confused with the Boston Terrier and the English bulldog.

While the French bulldog, the Boston Terrier and the English bulldog may have similarities, there are several characteristics that set them apart.  Frenchies dogs are smaller than the English Bulldog and they are stouter than the Boston Terrier.  One standout characteristic of the French bulldog is their distinctive “bat” ears which they come by naturally.  Contrary to popular belief, their ears are never surgically altered.

There are some very serious French bulldog health problems that you need to worry about including breathing issues, spinal cord problems and heart defects.  On the light side, Frenchie dogs are extremely gassy – they can clear a room faster than any other animal or human on the planet!  Anyone that owns a Frenchie will also tell you that they snore, snort and shed.

This type of dog is not the easiest to breed and only a serious breeder should ever consider getting into breeding them.  In order to breed a healthy Frenchie dog, a breeder has to be willing to invest money is finding the best possible dogs that have the proper health tests, the proper confirmation and the proper training.  Only dogs that are found to be free of health problems, have the confirmation possible and are properly socialized and trained should ever be considered for breeding purposes. 

All of this care and worry about French bulldog health can have an impact on the price that you will pay for a puppy but given the serious health issues that this breed has, it is well worth the extra money.

Do not jump into buying this type of dog without doing your research and knowing what you are getting into.  Only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and make sure that your puppy had the best possible start in life so that it will make a wonderful pet for its life time with you.


French bulldogs make wonderful family pets and they are fairly common in the United States.  Be sure that you only buy a puppy from a reputable breeder as their health problems can be costly.  For more information on this wonderful breed, click here.   

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