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English Bulldog Loves Carrots…

English bulldog enjoys carrots …
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English Bulldog Breeders Discuss This Amazing Breed of Dog

The historical past of English Bulldogs date back again numerous decades, and the popularity of this breed has ongoing to develop inexplicably. Most people attribute it to the cuteness shown by English Bulldog puppies and how it is so challenging to say ?no? soon after seeking at them and choosing them up. If you are thinking about an English Bulldog for a pet, locate a reliable on the web breeder and they will go through all the standard ?ins and outs? of what it requires to own English Bulldogs. Breeders want to certify that the person wanting a dog of this breed understand what it takes to get suitable treatment of it. The a lot more possible English Bulldog entrepreneurs know, the much better they will be ready to give this breed a prolonged, wholesome, and happy lifestyle.

Probably one of the most critical point English Bulldog breeders stress to owners of this breed is that these puppies do demand physical exercise. English Bulldogs are incredibly inclined to fat achieve if they are not exercised daily. Even though English Bulldog puppies do not require so much exercising, entrepreneurs of an grownup English Bulldog are advised to take their puppy on walks everyday to not only steer clear of fat obtain, but also to assist curb several behavioral issues. English Bulldogs are outstanding companion pets and constantly make sure to be by the aspect of their grasp. If they are left by yourself in a property for extended durations of time, they can turn out to be very destructive. Therefore, a great applicant for being an English Bulldog operator is someone who is not away from their house extremely typically and has time to teach and perform with the dog.

One of the largest positive aspects of English Bulldogs is that since they are a fairly little puppy and they do not bark so frequently, they are wonderful for small properties and apartments. English Bulldog puppies are not recognized for getting ?yappy,? like other puppy breeds and the only loud noises you will hear from your grownup English Bulldog is snoring and the occasional bout of indigestion. Many breeders suggest English Bulldogs simply because they are great guard dogs and also quite delicate to their owners and children.

It is really essential for English Bulldog breeders to ensure that the house they are sending the dog to is a good home. They also want to certify that the owner is nicely-informed and extremely knowledgeable about this breed. Since they are susceptible to certain health problems, it stays vital for English Bulldog owners to understand what to do to maintain the wellness and wellness of their puppy and what to look for if the canine is sick. It will greatly lower the probability of the English Bulldog becoming later turned over to an animal shelter since the operator did not have full expertise on the duties associated with this hugely well-known breed.

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English bulldog on a walk

This is my English bulldog Dallas! She is eight month’s and just started going on walk’s!

English Bulldog (Hannah)

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Elliot the bully grunting at me

Samson The English Bulldog “Wipes Out”

Samson loves to go the beach, where he wades in the water and “wipes out” in the sand.
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www.joshjackson.info English Bulldog puppy playing with food dish. she wasn’t happy that it was empty

Five Little-Known Secrets To Home-Training An English Bulldog Puppy

A friend of mine recently got herself an 8 week old English Bulldog puppy.

He is a beautiful dog and will grow-up to be a fantastic family pet.

However, after a few days my friend called me up and said she had a problem.

Firstly, she lives in an apartment and was not sure how to toilet the English Bulldog.

Secondly, should she train him, and how would she do that? What else should she do?

The first thing I told my friend that she needs to start doing as soon as possible is to start training her English Bulldog.

I recommended that she start crate training him from the beginning. The dog should sleep in the crate every night.

This will get him used to the idea of sleeping in the crate,and reduce the effect of separation anxiety.

As the English Bulldog gets older he may continue to sleep in the crate ( obviously my friend would buy a bigger one).

Seperation anxiety isn’t just suffered by the dog.

After putting the puppy in it to sleep, she felt bad and took him out to sleep with her. This is NOT a good idea.

You must be clear in your actions, once you do something with a dog that involves training.

Dogs like this. You MUST follow through, no matter how bad you feel.

To help with the toilet issue a good idea is to take him for a walk to toilet before bed, and first thing in the morning.

If you can’t talk him for a walk, then take him outside for toilet instead.

This is a form of enforcement which is very effective. Of course, little puppies need to go toilet quite often, so it is a good idea to buy a large absorbent mat, or mats, that you can put in certain corners of the house or apartment.

It’s dedication on your part to train your dog to use those mats.

You need to watch his behavior and when he is acting like he needs to go, pick him up and put him on the mat.

The following is a list of five things that I suggested that my friend do to help her:

The work that goes into owning a puppy can be very stressful. The results from good training cannot be underestimated.

1) Exercise you dog everyday – Puppies have a lot of energy. Regular exercise does two things.

Firstly it establishes a routine – so make sure it is always about the same time. Secondly this helps get a lot of their energy out and it really does reduce their need to cause trouble at home (i.e. chew stuff).

2) Once he gets a little older, start bringing him to dog parks so that he will become very dog friendly right from the start.

The more contact dogs have with other dogs and people the better trained he will be, and there will be less issues when friends come to visit your apartment.

There is nothing worse than a dog that barks at EVERYTHING

3) Bring small children around him ASAP. This will help him get used to children’s smaller stature, as well as them tugging on his ears/tail, loud sudden noises that children make, etc.

It’s good to get your dogs exposes to all these things early on – before they become an 80lb solid mass of muscle with gigantic sharp teeth!

4) Start touching and petting his food while he is eating it.

Over time, your English Bulldog will allow you to take the food bowl away and pet him while he is eating without any resistance.

5) Correct your puppy only at the exact moment he’s done something wrong, not an hour later.

That way he will know what to expect from you the next time you correct him when he has done something wrong.

As I mentioned earlier, dogs like boundaries and dont respond well to confusion.

There is no point shouting at him about toileting on the carpet 1 hour after it has happened.

As soon as he starts to smell around and look for a place to toilet, put him on a leash and take him outside so that he can relieve himself.

If my friend follows these simple ideas, her English Bulldog will become a well-trained, extremely sociable dog that will love to be around other dogs, people and small children.

David Crocombe is a dog trainer and owner of a 6 month old puppy. To find out more details about Dog Training, head over to my Dog Training Secrets website and see a comparison of 3 different Dog Training packages.

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“English Bulldog Puppies for Sale – Puppychase Kennels”

Skye’s puppies playing. www.englishbulldogpuppychase.com
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Facts about English Bulldogs all Breed Owners need to Know

Descended from the ancient Asian Mastiffs, and created in Great Britain when the Mastiff?s bulldog descendents were crossed with Pugs, the English Bulldog is a wide and compact breed of dog that has a large head and a look that is said to be intimidating. Although English Bulldogs only grow up to about 16 inches height-wise, they can weigh up to 55 pounds. The average life span for this breed is about eight years. English Bulldogs have a smooth, short coat that does not require excessive grooming. They only need to be bathed when necessary (and because they are mostly indoor dogs, this does not need to happen often). However, extra care is required for their wrinkles to ensure they stay clean and clear of infection.

The majority of English Bulldogs are either red or brindle. Other colors include black, tan and white. The coat tends to stay as one, uniform color which makes brindles and the less common colors in higher demand. English Bulldogs are known for their short muzzle and a large under-bite where the lower jaw extends itself past the upper jaw. One of the most common faces men and women recognize with English Bulldogs is one where the bottom teeth are lying over the front of their mouth. This unique mouth shape provides them with serious strength when clamping down on items. Because of their fierce loyalty to their owners, they make excellent watchdogs. They will bark at any stranger but they will often not attack unless provoked. They are great family pet as they enjoy human companionship. If you are sitting on your couch watching television, don?t be surprised if your English Bulldog is curled next to you. They are amazing with children, but are known for being dominating. Therefore, it is extremely important to train them. And while English Bulldogs are known for being extremely stubborn at times, training is not impossible; you just need to have a little patience.

English Bulldogs need to be exercised regularly as to not gain weight. However, as mentioned, this can be a difficulty if your English Bulldog is being stubborn and plops down not wanting to go anywhere. However, it is imperative to ensure they do not remain completely inactive. Health problems for the breed increase tenfold when they do not get the necessary amount of exercise, for example, their breathing may become more difficult.

Because English Bulldogs are comparatively small in size, they are an ideal breed for small houses and apartments. However, just be prepared for a bit of slobber, drool, and snoring! These three traits are easily classified with this stout breed. They are due to the small windpipes English Bulldogs posses, which can cause breathing problems for them. English Bulldogs also do not do well in warm temperatures because they can get heat stroke. However, really cold temperatures are not ideal as well. Temperate climates work best. Some of the quirks of English Bulldogs? physical nature include flatulence, knee and hip problems, and various skin infections due to the folds in their skin. Always take your English Bulldog for regular vet visits to ensure their health and wellness!

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Greg’s Daily Nudge- English Bulldog’s, the Good , Bad and UGLY

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